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NASS 2015 - Skate North Qualifier, Projekts (Pumpcage) Skatepark [2:21]

The concrete section at Projekts ‘Pumpcage’ skatepark (which is rad) provided the stage and the Manchester scene turned up in force to support skaters from all over the UK. We had 34 entrants and ran 7 heats, breaking the park down into the 3 sections and running jams in each. To say it went off would be an understatement.

NASS Skate NORTH PRO QUALIFIER Winners 1st Place // Alex Dechuna (GBR) - QUALIFIED 2nd Place // Joe Hinson (GBR) - QUALIFIED 3rd Place // Jordan Sharkey (GBR) - QUALIFIED 4th Place // Charlie Birch (GBR) 5th Place // Gareth Thomas (GBR) 6th Place // Keith Walsh (GBR) 7th Place // Lloyd McLeggon (GBR) 8th Place // James OG Hewitt (GBR) 9th Place // James Grindley (GBR) 10th Place // Jasper Clough (GBR)

AS SEEN ON... BBC C-ITV The Guardian Kingpin Sidewalk