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Finding the skatepark & parking

By train or metrolink

Projekts Skatepark is literally 300 metres from Piccadilly Station, which will take you about 60 seconds on a skateboard. If you come by train or tram you've chosen well!

Head towards the rear entrance of Piccadilly Station, down the escalators (two sets) and walk out towards the large crossroads between Fairfield Street and London Road.

Head down London Road in the opposite direction to the City Centre. You'll see the MacDonald Hotel on your left, then the skatepark a little further on, under the Mancunian Way flyover.

By bus

If you've come by bus, head towards Piccadilly Station. Travel around the station, down the A6 (London Road) and keep going until you get to our skatepark (see directions above for more details).

By car

The entrance to our skatepark is on a street that can be a little bit tricky to access. We recommend that you take a moment to look at the directions before making your way.

The best way to access the skatepark by car is to come from Fairfield Street, turn on Travis Street round the Mayfield Depot then turn left on Baring Street. All the way down, turn right and here we are.

Alternatively, head away from Manchester city centre by driving down the A6 (London Road - Downing Street), then turn left after the Macdonald Hotel.

If you are coming from the south east of the Mancunian Way (A57), take the exit for the A6 towards Stockport or Piccadilly and stay in the middle lane. At the traffic light, cut across straight to the skatepark instead of turning right on the A6.


There is a parking bay along the skatepark but the places are very very limited. However there is a Pay & Display across on Baring Street. Alternatively, there are a number of parking places near the skatepark including; Travis Street, Ardwick Green North, Grosvenor Street...

If you need any help, please call us on 0161 272 8538

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